Everybody had a hard year
Everybody had a good time
Everybody had a wet dream
Everybody saw the sunshine
Oh yeah, (oh yeah) oh yeah, oh yeah
Everybody had a good year
Everybody let their hair down
Everybody pulled their socks up
Everybody put their foot down
Oh yeah

Still here, still queer, darlings.

All that was needed was a new password sent to me via electronic mail by Her Royal Paranoidness. I plunked it into Blogger like a shiny quarter and, Voila! The infamous stream of supercilious bullshit has been reactivated!

Enter Fitzcarraldo! With his 12 inch saber and his flashing fag fists of fury!

I just wanna say fuck all South Hampton bitches. That’s the last time I bring one of my dearest out to that overly manicured seashore pooptown for a major holiday. Sterling and I slaved away all day in the kitchen for a room full of boytoys and don’t you know I didn’t get a single blowjob offer out of it? Not one. Nada. Nunca. Zip-de-da-do-da. I’m telling you, those overfed, over moisturized queens have lost all perspective. Back in the city bitches know to show proper respect for a home cooked meal, youknowwhatimsayin?

The only redeeming part of the trip was hanging out with my girl. I swear, she gets more beautiful every day. We went crazy in the car to “Charlotte, Sometimes”, by The Cure, and then the Beatles song, “I got a Feeling”, to which Sterling took her top off and nearly caused a thousand car pile-up on the Northern State.

She made up her own words. Her naked skin glowed like ivory—her voice was bright like a bell:

Everybody sucked a boob dear
Everybody rocked a thin dime
Everybody made a movie
Everybody had one line
Oh yeah, (oh yeah), oh yeah, oh yeah
Oh yeah!
Yeah yeah!

good pussy

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