My preferred way to travel around the city is by yellow cab. I ride the subway only every once and awhile, usually late at night when I'm drunk. Most people seem to do it the other way around, which is fine, I suppose. But I do believe they're missing the point. I like the train when it's empty and I'm drunk. I like platforms and the acoustics and the shadows and the timelesness of the constant coming and going, even at this hour. When the moon is full and the tide is high, you might even find me down on the tracks, standing with my walkman on and my fist upraised as the yellow light of the train grows larger, slowly at first, like the fluttery yet persistent beginning of an old house record, building, layer upon tenacious layer, beam of light upon beam of light, until eventually it fills the tunnel with a blinding, hysterical purpose.

...fills the Tunnel. ha. well, it used to...house music all night long...

I let it get close, but not too close. Perception shifts. You can't trust your senses down there. Everything's lit up like a Kiss concert. Too bad my tongue isnt 't as impressive as Gene Simmons'. God damn now that would be a helluva pic for this little ol blog, don't you think?

(and if I died before I could take the picture?)

I wonder if that level of lighting would be flattering?

(cut in half like a deli sandwich)

The important thing would be to find a way to keep my bangs from flying up. I hate my forehead.

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