During one of those hideous office chit-chat moments in the kitchen, a couple of people referred to a story my boss had told them about having a flying squirrel trapped in his house over the weekend. A flying squirrel!, they shrieked, their chins shaking with astonishment as they sloppily dunked their donut holes. Isn't that just the craziest thing? Well, I felt like telling them, it's actually not as crazy as the fact that I think my boss is purposely not relating any information to me that has to do with his family. For instance, I didn't know his middle son was in a band, and I didn't know his wife went to high school with the Heart sisters out in Washington...and now this, the flyingsquirrelthathewasfirstconvincedwasabatshowingupjustintimeforhalloween story.

It's strange. We don't have any problems talking about anything job related...and we're fine with the occasional current events topic...but anything outside of that is a black hole.

Maybe it's because I'm gay...I think he feels he's protecting his family's sanctity from the overly critical, jaded perspective of the big, bad, childless dyke who would be audacious enough to snicker behind his back over some cutesy anecdote he told or to give the evil eye to a photograph he showed me...

Smart man.

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