Designer drugs and Happy Meals. La, la, la…

TRUE points out the next area of the globe that will dominate...

We've decided that this is the beginning of the end of the American era. Which, as TRUE so eloquently stated, "Is going to suck in some ways but who cares because we won't be around to see it."

Like any great empire

It's idealogy has been thinly stretched

Across a twilight of it's own making...

(how best to play it out? i'm thinking of a hollywood exit sequence on repeat...complete with digitized evening shadows and a mournful new wave soundtrack... the camera will pan to a mcstarbucks full of earnest, polysexual young people gathered around fake plastic trees with their supersized coffee beverages and greasy hashbrown sticks, gently shaking their asymmetrical hairstyles to the beat as they strare up at the holograph sillhouette of an oilfield, which then fades into a grainy, fast paced mtv cinema verite montage of SUV car commercials)

which then fades into grand theft auto

dr. phil

sitcoms with their sets

dead people playing on game shows

i love bobbylove

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