TRUE came over. She wanted to talk, but not about anything in particular. Certainly nothing to do with anything that had actually happened.

In other words, she wanted to talk about the blog...

She told me that in the site stats there were hits coming from some literary blog who cited one of my posts and said they were, "are funny and frank and sometimes disturbing."

"They actually said to scroll down and find whatever posts had 'by Fitzcarraldo', at the top" TRUE said.

"Isn't that some shit?" she asked, and I couldn't tell if it was a rhetorical question or an actual one directed at me.

"Tell me," I said, "Is the link generating a good number of hits?"

"Some. Not tons."

"Then it doesn't really matter."

"Well, of course it doesn't matter. What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing. Except that it's funny."

"What is?"

"That a literary blog would link to us. Literature is about books and blogs are about hits. They're two totally different things."

"That's right," TRUE said, as she stole a cigarette from my pack on the table.

"I like blogs," she said, and lit it before I could stop her.

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