I love women. No, scratch that. I luuuuuv women. As in adore. As in I always have and I always will. I am proud to say that I am an honorary member of S.C.U.M., darlings. I firmly believe that the male gender is being phased out, as is evidenced by disintegrating Y chromosomes, erectile dysfunction and the Dave Matthews Band. The day is coming when women will be able to reproduce on their own, using a variety of methods. "Women’s intuition" will be known, simply, as knowledge. “That time of the month” will be known as "mandatory time off".

Before we take our final curtain call (exit stage left) we men will be reduced to pack mules and organ donors. Oh, yes. Evolution, darlings. Deal with it.

And when that fated day comes, I only hope that the descendents of TRUE and Sterling will peruse their handed down scrapbooks and look upon me fondly.

I hope they'll know that I loved their Grandmas dearly and would have done anything in the world for them.

I hope they know that the three of us truly loved one another, despite the occasional bad times of tears and despair and slamming of phones.

We loved each other in the neon midnight aura of our wildest dreams, despite whatever the grim gray morning brought our way.

We loved each other like sisters

Despite my testicles and enormous foot long cock.

i'd totally marry katie

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