the drugs don't work

they just make you worse...

cats trophies

TRUE told me that Kid God is going to be a star. I don’t know how she knows this, but I went over and checked out his site and I can dig it.

that’s a heavy box, a heavy, heavy box…

hey. hello. I liked it when she said:

I wanna man who knows how to use his dick like a dildo.

ha! What the fuck, I said, laughing dismissively, while secretly the idea turned me on. whatever it meant.

It was the way she said it—the sound of her voice.

It was the way it felt to be close to her

but being spared having to look her in the eye

In that way it was like a dream or a music video

Like the perfect blue sky was going to fall on us at any second

Which would only make everything better

We were driving

She was behind the wheel

The highway and the terminals shone

(picked clean bone...a puzzle, a completed puzzle)

All of it snapped in place

Snapped into the picture being presented to me

Pressed clean and ready

to be used by the people

out there

(that’s how we refer to you, btw)

You’re the people

out there…

Don't worry, it's not a diss--it isn't anything. Just a simple distinction.

The three of us are the people in here,

While all of you are the people out there.

--except for Jamie, of course.

Jamie Christ.

anyway, it's my turn to tell you i've got one love fer it all,

for all of you out there people

who actually read this shit on the


and have such nice things to say

you guys are why I keep coming back

One love

Like for my man sub\ver\sion.


Tonight I'm wrestling with one, nostalgic, bittersweet love for the people we should be

we could have been healthy and without fear, but the great tide of history has pulled back, and we’re left clinging to life in the puddles.

I don’t know where I am.

I don’t know where I’m going.

But this weekend I found out that stealing is like riding a bike, which is good to know.

(this revolution)

keep it simple

don't make any sudden movements

and remember that if you do something right out in front of people

they usually won't see a thing...

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