Sexiest female blogger?

I don't know, man. Sometimes it's too much work to go out. It's easier just to stay home and get off in front of the TV.

To me, a good fuck is about peeling off the layers and getting down to something irreducible--a shaky thigh, aching crotch deliverance. I used to be able to get that with strangers, but not anymore. Now that I'm clean and I'm getting my health back, I'm more aware of my body and how exhausted the scene makes me feel. It’s like spinning an ancient, priceless urn just to watch the figures that adorn its rim move in a quick procession. Everyone pretends they have enough glue to fix the cracks. I end up grabbing a fistful of hair, biting down hard on a nipple... Where are we going, what do we want from each other? How can I offer you something I no longer have control of?

Needless to say, I'm going to start cruisin the other nominees, but here's where i go for sexy:


alana devich

jenny apple



the prophet

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