rock tragedy

Sterling Fassbinder says: So you obviously have this thing for Raymi

Yerbluetoy says: yeah, just like anti

Sterling Fassbinder says: huh

Yerbluetoy says: whatever

Sterling Fassbinder says: so what’s the deal

Yerbluetoy says: why, are you jealous?

Sterling Fassinder says: always

Yerbluetoy says: you’re such a romantic

Yerbluetoy says: anyway, the best love stories are about two people who are in love but never get to do it.

Sterling Fassbinder: that so?

Yerbluetoy says: yeah, they pine away for each other across glowing electronic superhighways of communication

Yerbluetoy says: trying to crawl across the other’s back, stuck together in this snakepit of souls

Sterling Fassbinder says: is that what we’re doing

Yerbluetoy says: I don’t know about you but I’m not doing a damn thing

Yerbluetoy says: bless me, I don’t have a thought in my head

Sterling Fassbinder says: somehow I doubt that, maestro

Yerbluetoy says: maestro, that’s right

Yerbluetoy says: I think I’m dumb

Sterling Fassbinder says: do you want to meet her

Sterling Fassbinder says: is your next stop Toronto, to that multicolored Romper Room of hers?

Yerbluetoy says: doubt it

Yerbluetoysays: I still can’t pull it together enough even to call

Sterling Fassbinder says: you’d seduce her, and together you’d become the next dynamic duo

Yerbluetoy says: maybe in the spring. That seems like the right time to go to Canada, if there is such a thing.

Yerbluetoy says: I don’t know how to seduce someone. That’s all you

Sterling Fassbinder says: well, it never worked with you, now did it, darling?

Yerbluetoy says: that’s because you thought I was for sale

Sterling Fassbinder says: you always say that, what are you talking about

Sterling Fassbinder says: maybe you’re just too scared to admit you’re gay.

Yerbluetoy says: that’s the thing about Europe.

Yerbluetoy says: nobody really has these sexuality discussions. It’s a relief.

Yerbluetoy says: they’re lame. I mean, who cares

Sterling Fassbinder says: who cares? Every kind of religious fanatic, for one.

Sterling Fassbinder says: some of whom would burn our asses down

Yerbluetoy says: couldn’t we just view the gay rights movement as the prequel towards a “fluid sexuality” movement, where there aren’t any determinations, just characteristics.

Sterling Fassbinder says: so at what point does a person like me, who’s got almost entirely gay characteristics for all possible descriptions of her swing over into being gay.

Yerbluetoy says: well, I guess with you all meters would be broken

Yerbluetoy says: Listen, I’ve gotta take off.

Sterling Fassbinder says: can you please come back to new york now.

Sterling Fassbinder says: isn’t enough enough

Sterling Fassbinder says: I’m getting a place uptown. You could stay there.

Sterling Fassbinder says: no rules.

Yerbluetoy says: where uptown

Sterling Fassbinder says: I don’t know, I’m thinking the Boogie Down or maybe Washington Hts.

Yerbluetoy says: so you don’t actually have a place yet.

Sterling Fassbinder says: this Williamsburg scene is so over.

Yerbluetoy says: I’ve got puffy red shit on my wrist

Sterling Fassbinder says: say you’ll think about it

Yerbluetoy says: like I’m getting a bad reaction

Sterling Fassbinder says: c’mon, darlin

Yerbluetoy says: I’m going to make a sculpture. I want lipstick containers, lots of them. I want a whole mound of the MAC ones that are shaped like silver tampons. Alongside this central shape, I want satellite mounds made up of cigarette butts. I’ll have them piled high, like lies and excuses.

Sterling Fassbinder says: talking to you is like watching a flower bloom on high speed film.

Yerbluetoy says: emphasis on ‘high’.

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