on 13th between 1st and A


rats in the city mazes

(some late night girl shit)

The black girl was all over me in the back seat of the Lex. Nibbling my neck, brushing her soft palms over my nipples. Just barely touching, making me crazy. I curved my back to press my chest against her hands.

Suddenly, the pale blond up front gave her some kind of a signal in the rear mirror and the girl stopped what she was doing and slumped back against the door, the wiry edges of her hair drawing little zig-zagged lines in the fogged up window.

"That's it?" I called out.

"That's all there is, you poor little princess," cooed the white girl. A cloud of cigarette smoke covered her face. She pulled the car over and put it in park.

She put her cigarette out and quite suddenly and unexpectedly pulled herself over the gear shift and part way into the back seat. Her face was positioned directly in front of mine.

"Oh, my sweet baby. Don't be nervous." She ran a dark red fingernail filed to a perfect round tip across my forehead. In the unbearable proximity, I could see every imperfection of her face--a hook-shaped scar over her eyebrow, strands of bleached hair over her top lip, the shine of blemished skin in places where the powder had come off.


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