Sterling Fassbinder says: …OK, but from this point on...

Sterling Fassbinder says: why are you in Europe?

Sterling Fassbinder says: oh, I bet you’re going to feed me some of your ‘I need to be in Europe to make art about America’—how the distance allows you to conceptualize the country in a way that is impossible when you’re within the so-called belly of the beast.

Yerbluetoy says: wow. I’d never refer to America as a beast—that implies something alive—organic in the sense of being an organism. I wouldn’t use a metaphor describing America as any one thing. A whole or all of America—no way, doesn’t exist.

Yerbluetoy says: America is in pieces. I say, fuck America.

Sterling Fassbinder says: OK whatever. I’m asking if you think that America is a hyperpower that’s eating up everything in its path, like Pac-man.

Yerbluetoy says: America is an inanimate, indeterminate thing, like the glow of fluorescent light on aluminum siding. You can’t call it an object but you can’t not call it an object.

Yerbluetoy says: America is obviously something.

Sterling Fassbinder says: 'Ineffable America'. Would make a good brand name.

Yerbluetoy says: America is in the details. It’s the way a pair of mid-range, 40 dollar blue jeans get better looking the more you wash them. Try that with fur or leather or silk. America is the way it feels to hear a really great soundtrack from a really great movie that you haven’t seen for years.

Sterling Fassbinder says: America is the secret interior pockets on a hiking jacket. The mesh lining. The thin Velcro straps, all perfectly utilitarian.

Yerbluetoy says: I say, god bless America.

Yerbluetoy says: ‘Hyperpower’…you’re referring to the term Hubert Vedrine used, the former French foreign minister.

Sterling Fassbinder says: yep.

Sterling Fassbinder says: a power so frenetic, it’s always already outside of itself.

Sterling Fassbinder says: I was going back over Zizek’s take on the symbolism of the Twin Towers collapse: he claimed, that by virtue of being two, the towers already contained their own Other—their own outside. They encapsulated the competitiveness of contemporary markets--the towers stood for the center of the VIRTUAL capitalism, of financial speculations disconnected from the sphere of material production.

Yerbluetoy says: Twins rule.

Yerbluetoy says: So do Dopplegangers, repetitions, reflections…all that Edgar Allan Poe, Borges, Hitchcock shit.

Sterling Fassbinder says: Is that why you bit my style? You wanted to be my twin...(-;

Yerbluetoy says: YOUR style!

Yerbluetoy says: give me a break your Japanese James Dean look was a copy of a copy of a copy.

Yerbluetoy says: about as derivative as you can fucking get.

Yerbluetoy says: your style was like listening to a copy of a copy of some black market CD—listen close and you can hear shit warble in and out of earshot. A swishing sound like a light saber cutting through the air. It’s the sound of things falling apart, digital entities losing their shape like elastic panties.

Sterling Fassbinder says: so by you sporting my look you give it a shape again?

Yerbluetoy says: I fake it so real I’m beyond fake.

Yerbluetoy says: I’m the blur in the photograph, the splotch on the canvas that turns into a face the more you stare at it.

Sterling Fassbinder says: for the benefit of Mr. Kite

Yerbluetoy says: I bring that rock n’ roll bleeding edge shit

Yerbluetoy says: my style’s like going bananas. Like losing your language.

Sterling Fassbinder says: there will be a show tonight on trampoline

Yerbluetoy says: I want to talk to horses with my eyes. I want to free all the animals of the world.

Yerbluetoy says: from the male, white corporate oppression.

Sterling Fassbinder says: Have you become a vegetarian yet?

Yerbluetoy says: Um, my negative behavioral training hasn’t taken adequate hold yet.

Yerbluetoy says: I haven’t reached my target goal as of yet! Ha!

Sterling Fassbinder says: Is that what you said in your e-mail to Raymi, about living off of Pizza Hut Meat Lovers Pan Pizza.

Yerbluetoy says: Word. It’s the Atkins’ diet with a crust.

Sterling Fassbinder says: I can hear your arteries hardening across the ocean.

Yerbluetoy says: Yeah? But who among us eats Doritos for fucking breakfast?

Yerbluetoy says: I’m so stuck here, Sterling.

Sterling Fassbinder says: yeah, those were some low ass times. I’d wake up, get fixed up, and drift over to the couch with a handful of chips. Celluloid dreamland.

Sterling Fassbinder says: Come home.

Yerbluetoy says: Cool Ranch. That was the flavor.

Sterling Fassbinder says: Please?

Yerbluetoy says: I can’t.

Yerbluetoy says: not yet.

Sterling Fassbinder says: Why? What happened? Why did you leave?

Sterling Fassbinder says: you were fucking Fitz.

Yerbluetoy says: I don’t want to talk about that.

Sterling Fassbinder says: I don’t have to post this.

Yerbluetoy says: No, you should.

Sterling Fassbinder says: so I’ll edit it, what the fuck

Yerbluetoy says: you were going to anyway

Yerbluetoy says: that’s not it; I don’t want to talk about it no matter what.

Yerbluetoy says: k?

Sterling Fassbinder says: You talked about it before.

Yerbluetoy says: So then why do you need me to talk about it again?

Sterling Fassbinder says: because you never told me.

Yerbluetoy says: what

Sterling Fassbinder says: what happened between you and Fitz that made you run away?

Sterling Fassbinder says: I know there’s something.

Sterling Fassbinder says: C’mon, I’m your oldest friend, you know you can trust me

Yerbluetoy says: I don’t know what I know about anyone, word is bond.

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