So I'm back on the chaingang. Shortly after writing that last post (which, according to her eloquent as hell email was just two hours after the Dutch authorities released her from the detox pen) TRUE dropped me a line and gave me a new password for the site. I was starting to give up on her paranoid ass. I find it pretty hard to believe that someone was actually trying to break into her blogger account, but whatever.

TRUE, get your ass back to NYC already...enough of this rock star award tour.

Having trouble leaving the house. I've got that feeling that trouble is right around the corner...the streets of Brooklyn are all lit-up like a dirty movie. I want to make eyes at some sweet little girl while she's on her boyfriend's lap. I want to follow her to the freezing toilets, and slip into a stall...I want the chipped paint and smell of old shit. Her eyes turning glassy as I push my knee up between her legs...

I want to send her back to her man after I've used her shirt to wipe off my dripping pussy.

I want to walk back out after she's back beside him. I want the thrill of watching her watching me...I want to ask him for the time and smile real sloooooow.

laura can you feel me?

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