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Love the juxtapostition between the lo and the hi brow, literary hummings and drug infested slummings, but this is a blog, so perhaps I'll be the one to reign things in a bit with a citation/link/explanation "easy way out" (as TRUE liked to call them, back when she still obliged us with the occasional spoken word) typical blog post.

Found this on Plasticbag.org:

"One of the largest news stories in the UK at the moment is the ongoing siege in Hackney. A man is holed up in a flat with a hostage and a gun and has been for several days. Some of the neighbours have been evacuated from their homes or put under armed guard until the situation is resolved. Normally these people would be distant figures for me - our only connection the one-way cordon of the television set keeping us apart. But not any more. This is the age of the internet. So local residents are now talking to one another and to the outside world via UpMyStreet Conversations: "This is literally up my street". It's a fascinating on-the-ground view of everything that's going on in the area, and if you have any questions for the locals, that's where I'd go to ask them..."

Here's the link to the UpMyStreet Conversation that he's talking about. While reading it, I couldn't help but wonder how the posts would sound if the seige was taking place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Here's my little theatrical experiment:

misanthrope22: so there's a siege with an armed gunman going on at n.6th and bedford and the police have blocked off everything between n.4th and nth 7th. great. how the fuck am i going to get my amp out of greg's place now?

antislut: the pigs are out in full force. all to bring down a lone vigilante who's fighting back against the man. do we even know that he has a gun? The Times says he's an unemployed 30 something. probably a victim of bloomberg's budget cuts. of course he's white, because they didn't feel it necessary to point out his race. if he was black or hispanic that would have been the first thing they printed in the article.

ameriKKKa: hey williamsburg, we brought this on ourselves. when a neighborhood is shamelessly gentrified and the original residents can no longer afford the sky high rents, they have no choice but to take up arms.

misanthrope22: does anyone know if the L Cafe is open? i really need a chai latte right about now.

ameriKKKa: instead of holding someone hostage, what the gunman should do is blow up that starbucks in disquise on n.5th. you aren't fooling us one bit with those white walls and piped-in Edith Piaf, corporate america! the glass display cases are too clean--the pastries too fresh--no way you're local!

I felt pretty smug, imagining the many possibilities for half-bored responses from my fellow Brooklynites. Life must go on: it takes more than a single gunman to ruffle our feathers. Then I read a BBC article on the siege and realized that this gunman might really have his shit together:

"Power to the flat in Graham Road has been cut off, but police have been delivering food parcels to the two men inside. A man has since been arrested on suspicion of trying to smuggle cannabis in a piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken, which was dropped off at the site of the siege."

It's Friday...smoke if you've got 'em, even if you're holding someone hostage in shit-hole Hackney, with an entire squad of police surrounding you!

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