Pearl told me you were in Switzerland for Thanksgiving...

Glad you're back and not incommunicado, old man. How are the 'rents?

Listen, Fitz, I'm not sure what you're talking about below. I never run away from pussy. In fact I have the opposite problem. Keeping my mind on the goal of the task at hand and not beautiful-wonderful-press-my-whole-face-all- the-way-up-in-there-so-that-the-tip-of-my-nose-grinds-against-the-clit-precious-dripping-wide-open-or-even-just-the-closed-slit-posing-demurely-atop-the-bed-sheets-waiting-for-me PUSSY!

And if you're implying that I'm repressing my feelings for TRUE you're solid wrong on that too. I'm such a sucker for the pootang that I'd even go down on her, as long as she washed that shit out first.

I like them black, white, yellow, puerto rican and hatian...It's all about the ladies, got it? I'm gonna say it loud...

Now TRUE on the other hand...well, your point's well taken. Least I hope it is, in whatever cedar backed, wild west closet she's currently hiding from the world in.

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