I got dissed like Chevy Chase

"...living proof that you could actually snort the funniness right out of yourself."

Dandruff, black teeth, a big gut AND the roasted bag of my parents' mixed nuts?

Boo-ya, baby, It's on! I'm dusting off the files on your born again trailer trash moms as we speak!

(although it was pleasant to think back on our trip to Basel.)

Fitz, convincingly

P.S. Here's my future personal assistant. He's got a cute bald head--the kind that skinny tall guys who lose their hair early have that looks like there's an extra strong skull bone or a state of the art (read: thin) metal plate tucked in there. There's something about a man with a head injury...it tends to open up new and creative ways of thinking, like it did for Christopher Walken in the Dead Zone, or that guy on John Doe (is that show still around?) Of course, I can do without the scars, which is why (based on the photo on his 'about' page) Brett Lamb rules!

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