OK, so I’m not all together certain what I should do with the abundance of vampire imagery. The two of you are on about something. Sterling just finished a short film. It consists of a scene out of Interview with a Vampire in which Tom Cruise attacks the neck of a pony tailed Brad Pitt, who vigorously struggles against him. He looks like a beetle pierced beneath Tom Cruise’s long, darkly clad body. Red velvet blood flows heavily down Brad Pitt’s neck like cum; his honeydew skin turns pale. During a prolonged close-up, just as we get used to the idea that Brad Pitt’s been killed, (by Tom Cruise, no less) his eyes suddenly open, wide and staring. The pupils are strange—they look like the clouded color centers of marbles. The place where there should be the flash-bulb flash of “I’m here” is dead as buttons. We’re made to understand that after he was ravished in this highly sexual way, he is now a vampire himself. The devoured becomes the devourer. Then the video flickers and after half a second, starts again from the beginning. The scene is played over and over on a loop, filling up a little over an hour with its grunts and sucking sounds.

Sterling set the video up in Snake’s storefront apartment, on 9th by Avenue A—right by Café Pick Me-Up with its view of the park. She gave you a key to go inside, along with one or two strangers who were going to watch it with you, pushing past the racks of Handmade Silkscreen T-shirts cluttering the doorway. Inside the window there’s a life-size Yoda doll, examples of Silkscreen peace signs and marijuana leaves, a snake tank with a large snake in it. Through the door it’s a tiny apartment, with everything stacked high against the walls. You sit down on a blue futon in front of a large Sony TV, which is itself on a wooden shelf lined with videos, games and oversized books. Simpsons and South Park, Pokemon and…

The same scene, over and over—until you think you know every bit of it but still you’re surprised by something—a rustling, a muscle jerk, a tone in the score. You can’t help wondering, however—who does she think she is, Andy Warhol? Interview instead of Empire?

So the Vampire Thing: well fine, guys, leave me out of a motif—just because you know I make the best bloodsucker. David LaChappelle/Kurt Cobain, who’s wife made it all the way to Hollywood with his pound of flesh. It’s like the story of the murderer who strangled his fiancé, stuck her body in the car and headed out to Vegas to get married. The police started to close in and he panicked. He cut off her finger with the engagement ring on it and mailed it to her parents before turning himself in.

Sterling, are you playing the groom and TRUE’s playing the bride? Or is it the other way around? Who’s dead and who’s alive? (Christina Aguilera is asking the same question.)

More later, my Sweets.

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