...More Stupidity Regarding Links...

I was sitting here, updating the Access database of my outfit combos--I have 18 core outfits for the season, which are configured by Access for a "random" accessory to be added out of a secondary data source. I needed to do some reconfiguring, namely, switching the setting to "Early Fall" as opposed to "Early Winter", as NYC is currently blanketed in this TB ward warm humidity that has every other person hacking out their lungs on the street. At any rate, the point of this was that I was checking current borough temps for Brooklyn when suddenly a series of chimes were emitted from my speakers followed by a woman announcing, in French, that a Thalys train was about to come into Brussels Nord station. Or maybe it was leaving Brussels--I never know whether I'm coming or going in French. Then, a red Thalys train shot accross my screen, that glorious streamlined nose racing to the right side of my monitor, the rest of the cars half a blur just as they are in real life! And this is what you apologized for on Thursday, TRUE! ("Sorry About That Thalys Shit"--11/4/02). Sure it is a little sneaky the way the file is downloaded as soon as you step foot on the site but FUCK, it's terrific. My bewilderment over your Admin skills never ceases--you feel it necessary to warn folks about a nifty train animation but you let them proceed unhindered into the pedestrian hell of NaNoWriMo 2002. Personally, I'm sure there are more people out there who would like to know when the high speed Thalys trains are coming and going between Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels. Actually, it appears that at this point, it's only announcing the Brussels trains on mine, but I'm sure there's a setting that will fix that, nice and sweet.

For all those who believe strongly personal style does not end at the boot-up, outfit your machine with a high speed train today!

Switching gears completely, RIP Lida Araujo, AKA Eddie Araujo, age 17. She was a gorgeous transvestite who was beaten and strangled to death at a party in California when it was discovered that she "really" wasn't a woman. Now, The San Francisco Chronicle has a copy editing problem, in which they don't know whether to refer to her as a "he" or a "she". Check out the story on plastic.com. I hope everyone who refers to her as a he is aware of the fact that they have blood on their hands--that by denying her sexuality their thinking is no different from those hideous thugs. Please, give Lida the freedom of expression in death that she wasn't allowed in life.

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