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In an effort to gain composure over my raging nether regions (which smell, BTW, like the warm sheets scent of the most heavenly summer morning, complete with fresh pastries and spiced tea on a silver tray--a perfume that Mr. Fitzcarraldo will never EVER awaken to in this or any other life--you fucking loser!) I've taken to cruising the web for hot female blog babes who know how to write and/or design and/or make me laugh. It's kind of like work. At least until Young & Hungry finds the time in his busy schedule to lay the next track on Leibling Farbe. Fuck the rest, that album's going to be the best. My goal is to be like the Jungle Bros. were for the Native Tongues movement in hip-hop--a cornerstone for the next level in this whole Electroclash thing.

Anyway, here's a pic of Blog Babe Covergirl A, Ms. Jenny, followed by the Nov 7th post on her site:


2002-11-07 || 4:12 p.m.
|| ringo starr ||
yesterday i was left to my own devices and it was lovely, kind of like that sidetracked part of 'hard day's night' when ringo leaves with his camera and wanders around the city. i kicked cans on berkeley streets and critiqued pieces for my workshop while seated alone at a noodle shop and wandered around the newly renovated library.
i got a new library card. it's gold.
i smoked a cigarette with an old homeless lady and left messages from a pay phone. i had the best tea ever, english breakfast + milk + honey in the most perfect celestial proportions. i wore lipstick. my knee socks and scarf matched. i walked around holding twenty copies of my chapter wrapped in paper to my chest and felt decidedly collegiate, especially while crossing crosswalks looking wistfully into headlights.
so emo. so cinematic. so fun.


OK--so I can't load up the pic for some reason. Check here for it--she's the third pic at the bottom of the page. Oh, darlin' Jenn, if you're out there reading this, know that I'll rectify the situation shortly. No covergirl of mine shall be long without her cover!

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