While we're waiting...

TRUE, where's the manifesto? You're the one feeling dubious about our desire to take over the world. We need a manifesto, love. Out with it. Now that you won't stay at my place for fear of death (poor thing is convinced she heard the Grim Reaper himself going up and down the stairs last night, apparently stretching his legs before blowing the gaskets on my landlady and leading her to the next world) I'm going to put my foot down and refuse to make the trek all the way to your abode until you post our manifesto. After all, we're nothing until we have something to sign and ammend, just like the founding fathers. If you want we can print it on hemp paper. No presents from Daddy until you comply with your leadership duties, you precious George Washington type, you.

In the meantime, I found an illuminating deathrow database, which (by default) backs up the old adage, Meat is Murder--in more ways than one. After a quick scan, I could only find two meal that are 100% vegetarian. The pot of coffee at the top and #253--bag of assorted Jolly Ranchers.

I feel like chicken tonight!

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