Just Smell Your Invisible Hand...

I agree with Fitz about giving Angry White Girl the boot. We have enough angsty crap on this site--why link to some more?

The best link we have is to jsassociate's blog. Linguistic spice that isn't a bare nanometer away from mallrat. And it's actually funny, too. The title of this post comes from the "Essay on Keanu Reeves". The jsassociate blog is an offshoot of a just as odd website. It's like an online version of the dead letter office for a Dadaist corporate headquarters. Under the heading "Department of Research Simulations" there's an interesting proposition that reads like a job ad: "Help create the true life story of someone who never existed." The Dept. of Research Simulations links to another offbeat article, this one on chronic amnesia which ostensibly relates to the creation of "the true life story" of someone who never existed.

Word, there are a lot of invisible hands and nippleless zombies running around without any memory--my kind of place. I just drank a Starbucks DoubleShot and had a waking dream of a room full of yellow legal ledger pads. Everything was written out in fine ball point and buffered with wide margins. Go to the site and see what I mean.

Now that I spent an entire post suping it up...think I'll get any artsy kickbacks from this ATLien? TRUE, find more like this wacko to link us to. Like my mother always told me, "You are the company you keep, as well as the clothes you wear."

But seriously now, when are you coming home? Isn't it fucking cold out there? It's fucking cold here. Why are you hating on me and not calling? And don't give me any of that neurosis crapola.

Later. --SF

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