It's sad and funny at the same time, TRUE, that you left out the best part of your adventure from the post below. My dear friend, the drunken heathen, thought it would be appropriate to carve the words "Life Is Pain" into her stomach. Of course it would have been beside the point to use something that could be easily gripped and handled. She used a scrap piece of copper and huddled in one of Henrietta's Ladies' Rooms. She didn't so much as carve into her flesh as shave slivers of it off, apparently squeezing together a roll of skin and pressing into the fat. She only got as far as "Life", before passing out.

What do you say, TRUE, can we get a picture? I can try and convince this wounds website that it was an accident, which, considering the fact that you wanted to spell out an entire phrase, I guess it qualifies!

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