I only have one kind of ring to give and it's not for a finger, Sweets, so I guess you won't be wearing it anytime soon.

When will a good fag learn? Girls aren't for me--all that post-gay bullshit aside. See where all of BRANDTRUEBOY's postie toastie subliminal suggestions have gotten me? I slipped and my dick landed in girl twat. There are fences in this world, Darlings. One of them divides the breeders from the interior designers. I'm made to lunch with Ladies, not eat them out. Even half a girl like TRUEBOY is one half too much--just like side one of Christine Aguilera's new album. God Save The Queen.

And while I'm on my box, can we get rid of that goddamn Angry White Girl Link? Bitch gets on my last lilliputian nerve. So self righteous about her better informed, more conscious anger. I love the way she posts her hatemail, like it's a badge of honor. And her callous remarks about the DC Sniper--because she's beyond our pedestrian morality, don't you like, get it, man?

Hey you little holier than thou privileged putang. Wake up and smell your hypocrisy--it's later than you think.

Here's the only good thing about her site. There. Now we can get rid of it.

Hope that skinny midwest dick doesn't get lost in your mouth, TRUEBOY. Remember, that bloodclot was made for munching carpet, not polishing poles.



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