Coffee with sugar...

It's been a strange couple of days in the big "BK", as you two ladies are fond of calling our borough. As I can see from the silence in blogspace, no one wants to be the first to breech the silence. It's good to know that certain turns of events can leave even the tongue "twistas" tongue-tied.

TRUE and I have already talked, extensively, so I'll leave the ball in her court for now. We don't see ourselves recapitulating--we're just two old friends taking temporary comfort in each other's arms. End of story.

Prior to the hoopla of this weekend, I'd been planning a response to TRUE's last post, taking exception with her indignant tone when it comes to the "correctness" of our communal blog. Propriety and rules be damned--I say! If Sterling wants to map out her web-based delusions for all to read, then I'm all for it. I spoke to TRUE about my feelings on Sunday, when we were stuffed with sweet plum pancakes and wired on espresso. Our tete-a-tete mutated into a full blown session--pens out and furiously writing while the CD of my new fave band--"Read Music, Speak Spanish", by Desaparecidos--played on repeat in the background. The result was a manifesto, a Raison de Blog. TRUE's dotting the i's and crossing the T's as I write this.

We've got pictures of grafitti and even pictures of us taking pictures of grafitti and now for christsakes it's time to make some grafitti of our own. Will November spawn a monster, slouching towards Manhattan, waiting to be born? With any luck...

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