Check it out! I was at Pieces last night (just getting some air) when I saw the best bad show I've seen in a while--Stalked, on E!.

"Someone like goldilocks was sleeping in my bed…when the cops came in she broke a piece of glass and slashed her wrists right there in front of them. She ruined my Belgian sheets. I was in shock; that was the first thing I thought of…

…when they got her out of her blood soaked clothes she was wearing my Bay Watch bathing suit underneath…"

We love you, Pamela. Even more now that Crazy French 'ho bitch broke into your house. If I thought some of your coolness would rub off on me, I might also hide out in your sheets. Only the Ubermensch herself is deep enough to list a broken nail among the physical injuries and damages that she suffered at the hands of her abusive husband, heavy metal ghetto eyeliner whore, Tommy Lee.

Rock on Sweetheart!

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